BEN TALKING ROBOT 2001 DISNEY HASBRO "Treasure Planet" jointed,cool, RARE 13

You are looking at the COOLEST, RARE talking robot, Ben ( from the Disney movie Treasure Planet.) The toy was made by Hasbro for Disney in 2011 in China. This is stamped on the bottom of Ben's right foot. From the top of his tall plastic eyebrows, to the bottom of his boot he measures approximately 13" tall. He has three fingers and a thumb on each hand. Ben's neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are all jointed (easily moveable). The robot is dark tan and brown with green eyes, and green camo on the top of his head, shoulders, and tops of both thighs. Ben is wearing a brown backpack with a gold buckle. When you push the white and yellow dial on his chest (which also has a little bit of green camo above the chest plate), Ben screams something that sounds like "Ramo, Ramo. Ramo, I am the Electronic Navigator." Then he has another phrase that sounds like "centoid in the mechanism". The robots eyes flash making his eyes light up green and his mouth drops open and moves as he speaks. When his lower jaw drops to speak, you can see a white jaw inside (or maybe teeth). There's also a button under his left armpit...when you push it, he screams.
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