Benjamin Franklin printed Colonial Currency 1764 Pennsylvania 20 Shillings

Up for auction is a handsome colonial currency note printed by Benjamin Franklin and his partner David Hall.
It is a 1764 Twenty Shillings variety, No. 5686, with nice dark signatures on the front. Deft center repair, with light stain on front.
And while the front is nice, it is the back which makes this such a desirable piece. It has a very clear undisturbed "Printed by B. Franklin, and D. Hall 1764" on the back - this is a lovely display item. Counterfeit measures: Franklin's own technology is still on display 250 years later - Blue fibers throughout and lots of shiny mica flakes really make this gem sparkle!
While I haven't sold anything in a couple years, my eBay rating is 100% since I joined in 2005. I've enjoyed this piece for ten years, and am ready to let someone else be inspired by it.
It will be shipped to you for free in a hard protective plastic, so .
While I don't accept returns, I will give you no reason to be anything but pleased. Do not hesitate to message me with any questions.