Berenguer Doll, " First Day Asian Baby Doll " NIB

---14” La Newborn Expression’s “First Day” (Asian) is designed to capture the first experiences of a newborn as they spend their first days in this world. As you hold your baby doll you can see the different emotions a baby goes through as they see their mother and surroundings for the first time. Featuring beautiful black eyes that stare lovingly at you and amazingly detailed wrinkles that look and feel so real! La Newborn’s “First Day” also features Dolls by Berenguer renowned baby soft vinyl that is as soft as a baby and scented to smell like an infants nursery. Each body part is designed to show off the doll’s realism, from the tiny fingers and fingernails, to its wrinkly toes. True to realism the La Newborn even has a cute newborn belly button. Dressed in an adorable snap diaper and hospital gauze belt just like a real baby. Also included is a beautiful receiving blanket and personalized hospital bracelet. SALE---GREAT BUY Be sure to add me to your favorites list ! Check out my other items !