BERKELEY BARB" 1969 Underground Newspaper: #187

This is a late 1960s issue of the "Berkeley Barb," a northern California underground newspaper, Vol. 8 No. 11 Issue 187, issue date March 14 - 21, 1969, 28 pages, and is complete. The front cover features a large illustration of the Spain comix character "Trashman," with a related 1/2 page cover story (includes a photo of Spain), and there is also a 3/4 page comix from "Trashman - Agent of the Sixth"). The paper also includes the following: Women's Day - Liberation Comes Out; Black Cops Say They Can Stop Goons; Yes, Virigina, There Is (Still) a Ramparts [magazine]"; White Powah! (regarding the "White Students League" in Orinda, Calif); Black Reality Strikes (regarding Mills College); a 1/4 page Gilbert Shelton comix, "Freak-Out Funnies Comic & Puzzle"; Merry Jerry Passes Through (Jerry Rubin in Berkeley); a full page illustrated ad for the MC5 "Kick Out The Jams" concert at the Straight Theatre March 14-16; "CBS Smothers Brothers" (regarding CBS censorship, Joan Baez, and when Bobby Darin walks off the set during the taping of the "Long Line Rider" song when CBS deletes some lyrics); and more. There are also many great ads. Note regarding scans: Due to the large size of the paper, the top & bottom sections of the front cover are shown separately. Condition: The paper overall is clean; there is minor paper aging on the

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