BERKELEY BARB Newspaper LOT 1969-1970 10 Issues HIPPIES

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10 Issues of the Radical 1960s Newspaper Berkeley Barb
One of my favorite categories of things to collect is 1960s psychedelia. The potent mix of politics, sex, drugs, spirituality, music, and bright colors. What we have here is 9 issues of the hugely influencial underground Berkeley Barb newspaper, and 1 issue of the Berkeley Tribe. The specific issues (in no particular order):
Issue 170, Nov 1968, SF State Dilemma-- Who Licked Who? Issue 179, January 1969. Color art by Rivadulla. Issue 189, April 1969. Spring High Issue 222, November 1969. Moratorium p. 4, More Death page 12 Issue 202 July 1969, Eldridge Speaks. Issue 230, January 1970, Color cover, Marines revolt Issue 242, April 1970, Spring, Child Care Not Copters Issue 295, April 1971, Disestablishmentarianism!!! Issue 191, April 1969, Photo of little child smoking joint on the cover! Berkeley Tribe, issue 34, Mar 1970 These are so great. From the Scenedrome to the Classifieds to the
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