Berlin Express Arrives in Paris" Len Krenzler P-51 Art

WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS AND COUNTRY WWII Aviation Art with Extreme Detail and Real ACTION! THE ARTIST - LEN KRENZLER Len Krenzler was born and grew up in Alberta, Canada flying small aircraft with his father. He has a lifelong obsession with aircraft of all types but military fighters have always been his key interest. He received his diploma in Aeronautical Engineering in 1992 and has since enjoyed a career in technical illustration. Over the years he has collected a huge assortment of books, diagrams and pictures of fighter aircraft which he uses to research his subjects. After many years of bringing engineering diagrams to life and with a keen interest in fighter aircraft he has decided to enter the aviation art arena with a new style of artwork. Not wanting to try to do what has already been done before by great artists, Len strives to create artwork that is a little different from the norm in aviation art. His goal is to try to pack as much close up explosive action into a single image as possible and thereby capture a rare and instantaneous moment in history with as much photo-realism as possible. He hopes his images are enjoyed not only by collectors and aviation enthusiasts but even more by people who may not have had any particular interest before but can enjoy the nail biting action and excitement portrayed and perhaps imagine ... read more