Bernardaud-Fusion white Shogun Teapot

**Included in this Auction is only one Tea Pot and a Lid**

Bernardaud âe" Fusion White Shogun Teapot

So pretty you will want to use it as a display.

Luxe, prestigious, all around perfection are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about Bernardaud porcelain. Popular among collectors, five star restaurants and hotels, and people who only want the best for themselves and their guests, Bernardaudâe(tm)s prices have made it accessible to only a lucky few for years. But for the first time ever Bernardaudâe(tm)s Fusion White is now available at unheard of low prices. Rumor has it that these pieces were meant for Canada , and due to competition from luxury retailers that carry, or can order the brand, such as Barneyâe(tm)s and Bloomingdales, they were never supposed to hit the US soil at these prices. After casually mentioning these low prices to a Bernardaud sales associate, I personally witnessed the manager and regional manager trying to get the news out to their district manager. Seeing the frustration of these individuals, my guess is that they will be trying their best to put a stop to these low prices, and the availability of these pieces at these low prices may be short-lived, especially since the collection is extremely popular and still in production .

So go ahead bid away and be
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