Bernie Wrightson - Dinosaur Lithographs - 49/100 - All Signed - 1977 - Set of 5

Up for auction sale is a full set of Bernie Wrightson's Dinosaur lithographs which were published by Land of Enchantment in 1977. This is the entire set featuring one each of these dinosaurs (Allosaurus, Triceratops, Hadrosaurus, Plesiosaurus, and Diplodocus), of which these are all signed and numbered by Bernie Wrightson in white ink as #49/100 sets, with only 100 of these sets being produced.

These all measure roughly 20" tall x 25" wide and are on a heavy (possibly 120-150lb) paper stock. When I got these about 5 years ago and they were all rolled in a 5" poster tube and appeared to have been that way most of their 35 year life (now nearly 40 years).

The artwork in these posters is in excellent shape with great color having never been displayed in light.

However, there are some minor edge dings and light wrinkles where the posters had been laid flat for viewing after being rolled for so many years.

When I got these I laid them flat between two heavy sheets of non-acidic paper and now they are nearly flat but still retain some edge roll (see pictures), but at least they are readily viewable and I was able to get pictures without using any weights on the edges. I have tried to capture a couple of the more notable condition issues in the pictures.

Rather you're looking to frame these or just hold
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