BEROSUS Annius of Viterbo 1554 Ancient history ARCHEOLOGY Babylonian, Assyria


BEROSUS (Berossus the Chaldean) (Pseudo-Berossus). ANNIUS OFVITERBO (c. 1432-1502) (Giovanni Nanni (Babylonius)

1: Berosi chaldaei sacerdotis reliquorumque consimilisargumenti autorum, De antiquitate Italiae ac totius orbis : cum F. Joan. Annii Viterbensis... commentatione et auxesi... Tomus prior.

Lugduni, apud Joannem Temporalem. 1554


2: Berosi et aliorum eius argumenti autorum de chronologia priscae memoriae historia tomus alter

Lugduni, apud Joannem Temporalem. 1554


COMPLETE: [72], [599], [37] + [4], 553, [35] pages.

in 16 - 13 x 9cm

Binding in full vellum

Halos of moisture on the edge of some pages (more pronounced in the initial pages) . Some Pages browned but text easy to read. First Title Page with restorations

Annius of Viterbo (Joannes Annius Viterb(i)ensis), Dominican, archaeologist and historian, skilled in the oriental languages, favoured by popes Sixtus IV and Alexander VI. He published writings and fragments of several pre-Christian Greek and Latin profane authors to shine a new light on ancient history. Many of his works are now to be believed forgeries, detected by humanist writers such as Girolamo Mei and J.J. Scaliger. In this work Annius comments on the works of
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