Best Defense 5 DVD Set with ERIK PAULSON

Erik Paulson is well known for his professional teaching ability in mixedmartial arts. Learn many secrets from Paulson himself in this 5 DVDset.
Volume 1: Vale Tudo Focus Mitt Drills. Erik Paulson shares hisunique training sequences.
Volume 2: Escapes from Positions, Part 1 - Erik Paulson introduces the viewer to his devastating arsenal of escape
Volume 3: Escapes from Positions, Part 2 - In this continuation of the previous DVD, Erik shares more of his ingenious
Volume 4: Counters to Finishing Holds, Part 1 - From the guard to the mount, Erik Paulson demonstrates why there's no such thing as an unbreakable submission hold.
Volume 5: Counters to Finishing Holds, Part 2 - Erik Paulson reveals more of his secrets for turning the tables on your