Best Glue,Adhesive for Full Front Lace Wig.6 week hold!

Lace Therapy MEGA HOLD .5 oz

NEW! Lace Therapy Mega Hold .5oz


MEGA HOLD - 1/2 oz MEGA HOLD is the ultimate long term bond and provides a secure and comfortable 3-8 week hold. Clients have reported longer bonding periods with periodic touch ups. It is a soft bond acrylic attachment adhesive that is waterproof and provides a three to eight week hold with only one application. It is a clear non-yellowing formula used extensively in the medical industry and is proven safe and effective. It is usually preferred over all other bonds for long term bonds and can be used for small or large applications. It is the bond of choice at professional nonsurgical hair replacement studios to bond all applications of lace wigs, extensions, frontal, partials, pull-throughs, integration systems, closures and skin wefts.

Price: $11.95

For use with extended wear bonding only. This adhesive can easily provide up to 6 weeks of super-strength attachment. MEGA Hold isn't only the name, BUT also a great description of what you'll get!
Although it's on the expensive side, anyone who has had problems getting a long-lasting bond using other adhesives will LOVE the strength and security offered by this product. It is also made from a waterproof, "non-yellowing" formula
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