The Very Best of Jay Sankey Volume Two (2) DVD Professional Close Up Magic

The Very Best of Jay Sankey Volume Two

If it's eye-popping magic you want, you've come to the right place! Nobody creates sleight-of-hand magic for the eyes like Jay Sankey. This volume features a power-packed parade of thirteen startingly visual "magic moments." Not to mention more than a few big belly laughs. Watch Jay perform and teach astonishing routines with cards, coins, bills, envelopes, rubber bands, paperclips, pencils and even chopsticks! But we warn you: be prepared to laugh!

The Very Best of Jay Sankey Volume Two Contains:

Clipped Super-clean linking paperclip effect!
Unleaded A pencil, a rubber band and a whole lot of magic!
Mental Breakdown A mentalist's dream! Bold and utterly baffling!
Sankey's Choice A self-working demonstration of mind control!
Broken English The writing on a chopstick changes to match a card!
Three Times Lucky An insanely direct "three predictions" card routine!
Messiah Vanish A bare hands vanish that will leave you open-mouthed!
No Jacket Required Think "open travelers" with COINS!
Traveling Expenses An ingenious "bill switch" routine!
Greed Jay's powerful walk-around "bank night" effect!
Please Don't Feed the Cards Featuring Jay's "pop-up triangle!"
Back in Time Many pros swear by this version of "triumph!"
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