BEST Kiteboarding Taboo 12m Complete

**All Best Taboos are new in the original packaging. *Please contact us for color options *Pump not included Best Taboo Includes: -Kite -Best Stuff Sack -Best Redline Control Bar The Taboo was created using ‘Ride Optimized Geometry’ concept where each aspect of the 3D design, material selection and construction techniques were made with the sole intent of creating the most perfect high performance kite in each size based on its intended riding style. Though each size of the Taboo is unique there are design trends across the sizes in the range that define the limits of their performance. Some of these choices are illustrated below. Modified materials usage: Materials usage in every Taboo is adjusted according to the intended use of the kite. Dacron placement is modified across the trailing edge and wingtip area to give the smaller kites even better crash resistance than Canopy Framing can provide and to help ensure that they can survive even a prolonged rinse in overhead waves. Dacron use in the largest size Taboos is optimized to give the perfect blend of reduced kite weight to enhance lightwind performance while still ensuring that the wingtips are stiff enough to deliver the steering response and handling required by competitive course racers. Modified strut layout for targeted performance: The Taboo range uses four, five, and ... read more