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In its day, despite all of its presumed appeal to younger viewers, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In also seemed surprisingly old-hat in its sensibilities, goofing on the counter-culture as much as it did on the establishment, which was enough to turn some viewers off. Despite one's feelings about the show when it aired on television, The Best of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In DVD set does have its considerable rewards and an overall entertainment value a good deal beyond its asking price. The interview on disc one with Gary Owens is extremely fascinating for what he reveals about the way the show was put together behind the scenes (the show was originally done before a live audience, � la The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, etc.) and the way that the producers worked him into the structure of the show as a "sub"-host after the announcer-less pilot, working the area in between Dan Rowan and Dick Martin and the rest of the cast. In effect, in what Owens did with the announcer, he successfully brought a radio technique to television that had never been used successfully in television comedy. Owens also

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