SPECTACULAR VISUAL does not come close to describing this large and impressive 1833 schoolgirl sampler, with amazing folk art imagery! A large and vibrant central house exudes a stunning 3-dimensional quality..... with its striking brick facade,bold red roof,and architectural details. The memorable house is flanked on either side by a fanciful couple in their charming early 1800s outfits,and below it a colorful triple-tulip urn reminiscent of those found on Pennsylvania area samplers reaches upward. All around the house, folky pictorial elements abound....Quaker 8 pointed stars,stylized pines,bluebirds atop the roof,bushy tailed animals,urns,and much more! All of the unforgettably imagery,however,may be upstaged by the best schoolgirl name I have ever seen on a folk art sampler...."ANN FULLELOVE".....obviously having descended from the earlier eras when descriptions evolved into identifying families, which then became their surnames. "FULL OF LOVE" was originally the endearing key phrase that became this family's signature,and unusually charming surname. Our schoolgirl was quite the young woman ,older than most samplermakers at 16; and quite possibly attending an advanced academy. Her inscription in its entirety reads;"Ann Fullelove Aged 16 Years April 17 1833". With outstanding visual,the sampler embodies everything that advanced ... read more