Beta Quartz Super Seven 7 Melody Stone Crystal SET #8 reiki yin yang balance

Beta Super Seven Stone

With Her Melody Stone Partner!!

Set of 2 Melody Stones!!!

SWEET...the winner will receive this 'set' or 'partners'

the Beta Super Seven is on the LEFT

the Melody Stone is on the RIGHT

The Beta Melody Stone one the left is:

26 mm long

26 mm wide

7.8 grams

the melody stone that is on the right is:

28 mm long

23 mm wide

13.4 grams


found near Medina Brazil


rife with possibilities and energy


very powerful stones!

A combination of 7 powerful minerals. Clear, Rutile and Smoky Quartz, as well as Amethyst, Lepidocrosite, Goethite and Cacoxenite. These are all blended together to produce a wonderful stone know as 'super seven', 'sacred seven', or 'Melody's Stone'.

It feels alive and high voltage!

Learn and obtain knowledge

Super Sevens are known to:

assist one in All endeavors

promote conscious awareness of that which has remained hidden for aeons.

provides for mental impressions denoting spiritual/intellectual truths and allegories to assist in advancement

images of one's position, appointment and progress on the "Cosmic" plane

Beta Quartz is RARE!

The crystals are
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