Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority Pin (Zeta Tau Alpha) 1932

This is a RARE Beta Sigma Omicron Sorority pin (absorbed by Zeta Tau Alpha in 1964), not stamped for gold but guaranteed 10k or better - dated 1932 with name and chapter (U of Southern CA)

My scanner cannot capture the beauty of the badge!!

I seldom sell on ebay but when I make a significant rescue of badges from the melting pot, I list some for sale. Please do not evangelize about who owns your badge etc. The previous owner parted with the pin either through death, pawn or loss. I purchased it to help it find it's way back to someone who will cherish it whether it be a member or a collector.

I respond to all polite questions regarding your interest in purchasing this pin. I report all rude e-mail to Ebay. If you send rude or harassing e-mail I will forward it to your internet service provider and request that your service be terminated.

I do not list chapter designations, names, initials, or bond #'s, so please don't e-mail asking. If you are looking for a specific name, bond number, etc., e-mail me and I will verify against what is on this item.

I accept the following forms of payment ONLY - I prefer money orders from the United States Post Office (no international money orders). Second choice would be certified checks from a major US Bank or other money orders such as Western
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