Betsey Johnson LOT mixed some of everythig

Betsey Johnson and a few of her items in her color patterns to be able to experience what this wonderful designer enjoys. This is a assortment of accesories,usable by anyone which won't break the bank and allow to display on a desk,etc. and at the same time useable items that get compliments when notes might be sent out ,pad of paper shaped in her famous high heel shoe to write a quick note on to brighten your resistance of taking the time to copy a number down( if you are anything like me) I think I can remember but having a nice paper to use often aspires me to do it! Perhaps you or a family friend and/or member who wants to "Bling" out their cell phone for a new attitude and phone,this cell phone bling with the designers name and signature pink Bling is 1 sheet of adhesive jewels to apply to cover of cell phone. Also, the classic tumbler with straw is fun for a summer beverage,cocktail,or carry along in car with water. It has the top and straw so no worries about spilling your beverage. It makes you look good drinking from it if you just are in that mood at any time. These pieces all all mix and match with color and pattern once you are familiar with Betsey Johnson's reasoning when she creates her designs. She makes it fun and allows one to but pieces when they can no matter what the pattern because in the end they all are

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