The Go-Betweens 'Very Quick On The Eye: Brisbane 1981' LP (Vinyl)

The Go Betweens 'Very Quick On The Eye: Brisbane 1981' LP

I've finally decided to sell parts of my record collection.

Man Made Records (MM008). Recorded in Brisbane at Queensland Recording Studio early 1981 as demos for the "Send Me A Lullaby" album.

Tracks :

Sunday Night

One Word

If One Thing Can Hold Us


It Took You A Week Ride

Arrow In A Boy (sic)

The Clowns Are In Town

Serenade Sound


The condition of this item is very good (see below). The cover is in excellent condition. The price label has not been removed. I would judge the album itself as being in 'very good' condition, bordering 'excellent'. It sounds bright and clear, although there is some surface noise in the form of some pops, which I only found noticeable in quieter sections and between songs.

A note on equipment: I play records (rarely) on an AR (Acoustic Research) EB101 turntable. I use a NAIM NAIT 5i amplifier and PMC GB1i speakers.

A note on the condition of records and sleeves: I follow the Record Collector Grading Guide, quoted below. I never list a record as 'mint', since all records in my collection have been played. However, I have looked after them with great care, and a buyer can expect this to be reflected in the condition
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