Bev Bertha Bethany~Ballerina~BNIB~Cherished Teddies

"Friends Keep Your Spirit On Its Toes"

Bev, Bertha and Bethany are a LIMITED EDITION of 10,000 worldwide! They are also a CHERISHED RETAILER EXCLUSIVE!! Item #104632 is BRAND NEW in BOX with all clean Papers! This one has been VERY HARD to find!!

These 3 lovely ballerina's are at the barr ready to practice. The mirror behind them has a wood frame around it. The gold barr will help them stay on their toes. The one on the left is dressed in a pink with white hearts leoatard, pink ballet shoes, white leg warmers and a pink bow in her hair. She is practicing her points. The middle one has a pink shirt with an aqua leoatard and a white twirley skirt over that. Her lag warmers are aqua as is her headband. Pink toe shoes complete her outfit. She is working on her toes! The adorable one on the right is pretty spiffy in her lavendar outfit and white underpants under that. Her headband is white as are her ballet shoes. She is standing on point right now! The small one behind them wears an aqua with white ruffles skirt leoatard and she sits quietly watching the others. At the front on the wooden floor is a blue case for traveling with the ballet shoes and tu-tu's! A cream small Cherished Teddies has come along for the ride and has an extra pair of ballet shoes in it too!

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