Bevador Bottle Shaped Refrigerator Beer Cooler Vintage

Vintage Bevador Pop Bottle Shaped Refrigerator

I have had this extremely rare piece stored for a number of years. I have never seen another until one on ebay last week. Which reminded me of mine and how it is just gathering dust and might be better with some one who can restore and use it. So it is.

I believe this was made in the 50s or early 60s as a promotion for some thing. It is 8' 6" tall 3' diameter. Shaped like a pop bottle it even has a bottle cap trim piece on top. I believe this is the original paint. Inside it has lazy susan shelves that rotate on adjustable clips with rollers. Some of the clips are missing. The top shelf has a hole in the middle to accommodate and rotate around the condenser unit. The original compressor was located under the dome top but it is missing now. You would be probably be better of with a modern compressor and controls anyways. The door is hung with a full length piano hinge that shows its many years of wear. Has a few dings and a dent or two. Not perfect but a good restorable piece of history.

An eBay member wrote me with some history on this item. " Originally, these units were used by pharmacists to store medications at the proper temperaturs, which is why the shelving is so close in height. The bottle design originated from the medicine bottle. I know this
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