Beverage Dispenser Mason Jar Stand Rooster Lemonade Punch Rustic Wedding Garden

Beverage Dispenser Mason Jar Metal Stand Rooster Lemonade Fruit Punch Rustic Wedding Product Description High Quality Clear Glass Beverage Dispenser with Bail & Trigger Locking Lid, Featuring Popular 'Rooster' design High Quality easy pour Spigot see to that it does not leak. [Has to be tightened before using - follow the instruction] Airtight bail and trigger closing, leak proof - European canning jar, Comes with a stand that holds dispenser high off of the table Can be used to serve your favorite drinks, cocktails, beverages, or for kombucha continuous brewing, Kvass or Borscht Pattern gives the glass extra character, This is a classic that suites many tastes and decors From sweet tea and freshly-squeezed lemonade to fruit punch and ice water, this 1.5 gallon clear glass beverage dispenser makes serving eye-catching refreshments effortless! This elegant dispenser is made of crystal glass, great for showcasing your most colorful or fruit filled beverages. This tried-and-true classic look is incredibly versatile, making it ideal for both casual and formal occasions. It is the perfect self-serve tabletop addition to you catering service, restaurant, breakfast bar, and so much more! The stylish glass dispenser is capable of holding 1.5 gallon of your favorite refreshments, simultaneously enhancing your decor and conserving table ... read more