Bewitched SAMANTHA 12" Ideal Doll RARE Dated 1965 RARE!

Loose Samantha dolls without any original clothing generally sell between $50 - $150 depending on condition. The closer the hair is to its original style, the higher it tends to sell.
Samantha dolls with some or all of their original wardrobe will bring anyw from $150 - $350. Especially clean examples complete with hat, broom, and shoes can go as high as $500.

The above I copied and pasted from ...Please go read about this doll for yourself. The only thing my doll is missing is the shoes and possibly the underwear, not sure IF she ever had any. Good luck bidding..

I am now going to try this one more time...From a Local Estate Sale I have to offer this Beautiful ORIGINAL 1965 Ideal Doll of Samantha from Bewitched. She is so marked on the back of the neck and on the hip. I have been lucky enough to have someone advise me on this doll and give me expert advise and web sites for valuable information concerning Samantha. Without a doubt I am offering up for bid a Original Ideal Bewitched Samantha!! Please, view the pictures closely...She even has the original "Bobbie Pin" (I have NOT seen anyone else list the Bobbie Pin in their listings) that held her hat and hair. This is NOT a regular "Bobbie Pin" it is only1 1/4" long. Ideal must have had them specially made for this doll, I assume the normal length of a Bobbie
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