Beyond Valor ASL Module 1 Avalon Hill Complete 1985

Beyond Valor

ASL Module 1

Avalon Hill 8225 - 1985

Complete Game in Shelfworn Box

Please look at the pictures closely and email with questions before bidding.

This auction is for a complete copy of Beyond Valor - Advanced Squad Leader Module #1 by Avalon Hill. The box has wear but all corners are intact. The interior contents have been personally verified to be 100% complete and are in used but very nice condition. The counters have been seperated into individual ziplock bags by counter sheet.

From the Back of the Box:

June 22nd, 1941... The road is suddenly filled with an approaching Russian motorized column. Only your tiny advance force of three vehicles stands between them and Zhabinki. You wonder if you can possibly hold them off as your gunner slams the first AP round into the breach....

September 14th, 1942... Stalingrad is quiet. Your 2nd Battalion has penetrated the western outskirts of the city with little opposition. The Volga lies only a few blocks ahead. Surely it will be yours by nightfall...

November 9th, 1942... Stalingrad is in ruins. The remnants of the red brick building which has come to be known as the Commissar's House stands defiant against the gray background of the 50th Pioneer Battalion are moving up with demolition charges and flamethrowers.
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