BF-109 Balsa Model Airplane Control Line Kit

This listing is for a Control line model airplane kit from Black Hawk Models. THIS KIT DOES NOT CONTAIN AN ENGINE, PAINT OR GLUE. This kit is similar to the kits from our youth. Do you remember the fun we used to have, building, flying and sometimes repairing these simple and sturdy models? It has a “hollow log” style fuselage like we used to build and fly back in the 60’s. It uses an 049 glow engine for power. Black Hawk Kits are unique in that they are built in the good old USA, not in East Burgerstan by some dude sitting on a rock with a chisel.

The German 109 was a feared adversary throughout the war despite the development of newer aircraft. It was built under license in several countries and served in a number of air forces for a number of years after the war. Black Hawk Models replica of this famous aircraft will be a welcome addition to any collection of control line war birds.

KIT NUMBER: FS 900 WING SPAN: 18" ENGINE: .049 TO .074 SKILL LEVEL: Easy Kit includes: Carved and hollowed fuselage Shaped wing Complete hardware package with wheels Lead out wires Vacuum formed canopy Improved engine cowl (easier to install, easier access to engine) Pilot figure included Colorful period aircraft markings

I have not opened one of these kits. If it is like the Avenger, there are great parts precision cut ready to

I prefer Paypal. Personal checks may delay shipping while I wait for the check to clear. International buyers, Paypal only please, and please do not ask for false information on the customs forms. These will ship USPS First Class. I ask for a small amount to cover the packing materials and the handling. Thank you and happy flying.

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