Bhutan Hand Made Banchu Bamboo/ Cane Woven Basket

This is a handwoven basket made from bamboo/cane from Bhutan. It is known as " Bangchu" and it is the traditional food basket in Bhutan. It is used to pack food like cooked rice and meat. Traditionally people eat in it and it is used instead of a plate. Each family member has their own set and it is never washed, but wiped with a clean cloth after eating. The people from the far eastern part of Bhutan known as the "Khengs" are good at weaving these baskets. They collect the bamboo/cane from deep in the jungle and slit it down finely, and weaves it. The colours used to dye the bamboo/cane are made from natural vegetation and plant roots. The measurement of this bangchu is approx. 8" wide by 3" deep. It would take about 3 days to collect the bamboo, slit , dye and weave it into a basket. T are many different sizes of these baskets as well as different types of colours and designs.

This basket can be used as an eye catching basket to hold pot pourrie,snacks or bread, or put up on the wall as a decorating item.

Bhutan is nestled between India, China and Tibet, known as the Druk yul. It remains the most isolated, well preserved and mysterious country on earth. Due to this reason , it will be hard to find a copy of this basket in the United states.

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