Beautiful Bi-Racial Baylee by Lorna Miller-Sands

Reborn December 1, 2013 Length 21" Weight 5 lbs 5 oz
Baylee was painted with many layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints. She has 3/4 vinyl arms and legs. She has subtle veining and capillaries in all of the places that would normally be visible. Her nose has been shaded for added depth and realism. She has been shaded and blushed and has a very realistic skin tone without being overdone. Her skin tone looks very natural. She has black hand rooted eyelashes. Her fingernails and toenails have the fresh trimmed look with cream colored tips. She has beautiful black wig and and painted eyebrows. She is weighted with poly pellets and fiber fill. She has a jointed doe suede body made just for her. Her head and limbs move easily for posing. She will come with the outfits she is photographed with and be wrapped in a baby blanket. Baylee is a good size baby and is quite a substantial weight. Her wig is a very nice shiny black straight hair wig. I didn't cut it so it is a bit long and can be styled if desired. She does have a magnetic pacifier. Please feel free to ask any questions.