Bicentennial Pewter Plates, International Silver

Bicentennial Commemorative Series Pewter Plates, by International Pewter, 1776-1976. This is 4 plates from the Bicentennial Collection. All plates are in original boxes with certificates.
Plates were made in 1976 for the 200th Anniversary of America . Sculpted by Manuel de Oliviero
Plate Number One- Signing of the Declaration of Independence.
Plate Number To- Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.
Plate Number Three - Stand at Concord Bridge.
Plate Number Four - Washington Crossing the Delaware.
These plates were in storage in my Grand Mothers Attic, we just discovered them. They have the certificates and in original boxes, boxes do show scratches on the outside and the velvet lining does have some wear but the plates are in good condition.These plates were made to be hung on the wall, they were never hung, I guess they were kept in the boxes.
Buyer to pay $17.98 shipping because of the weight.