Up for Auction is a Danbury Mint Collection, "Bicentennial Sliver Ingot"

There are 36 bars of which each contains 750grains of Sterling Silver. They are encased in a, I believe a walnut glass top case that measures approximately 25x9x2 inches, that weighs approx. 10lbs

Each bar depicts an early American Event:

1st President Inaugurated Cross the Delaware

Boston Tea Party Battle of Trenton

1st Continental Congress Stars and Stripes Adopted

Patrick Henry Speech Lafayette Commissioned

Paul Revere's Ride Liberty Bell Moved

Lexington-Concord Battle Surrender at Saratoga

Fort Ticonderoga Falls Winter at Valley Forge

Birth of the U.S. Army Von Steuben Volunteers

Battle of Bunker Hill Battle of Monmouth

Washington in Command Winning of the Northwest

King Denounces Colonies Jones Scorns Surrender

Birth of the U.S. Navy Pulaski Killed

Falmouth, ME. Burned Benedict Arnold's Treason

Birth of the U.S Marines Battle of Camden

Paine's Common Sense Surrender at Yorktown

Independence Declared Paris Peace Treaty

Patriots Destroy Statue Washington Bids Farewell

Nathan Hale Execute Franklin goes to France

Also included is a booklet which contains 36 index cards that
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