Biddles OIL OF MUSK (Vintage Musk Oil)


Okay Baby Boomers, remember the Biddles OIL OF MUSK that was so popular in the sixties and seventies; the mini bottles filled with MUSK OIL with corked and sealed tops? Each mini bottle sold for about $5.00. I have acquired an original and authentic wooden box of twenty bottles in as "new condition", a true blast from the past. The wooden box doubles as a counter sales display w the top folds back and shows the Biddle logo. The bottles are securely packed with the old wooden excelsior shavings, no styrofoam or plastic anyw on or in the box. This is vintage authentic. T is even a sampler bottle built into the lid. All bottles are sealed and are as full and original as when they left the Ohio Biddles factory in Beechwood Ohio fifty years ago. Eight bottles are shown on the top layer of excelsior and twelve more bottles below the shavings. This item is so unique that I was unable to find a single bottle of Bidddles for sale throughout the entire world on Google, eBay, or any search engine. As far as I know, these twenty bottles might be the last in the entire universe as the Biddles Company no longer exists. The winning bidder could sell them in a fancy boutique or smoke shop, pass them out for gifts to your special friends or use them for unique party favors.