BIEN HOA - LONG BINH, Aerial Photo Map Vietnam War 1969

USARV - United States Army Vietnam

Long Binh / Bien Hoa


Mosaic Controlled Map - 66th Engineers Co. Saigon

Bien Hoa / Long Binh

xx rare Map - Measures, 29 x 18 inches - Controlled Dissemination - RVN, US Officials Only

Bien Hoa - With a perimeter of more than 40 kms, the base at Bien Hoa was the largest US Military base in Vietnam. Heavily guraded and considered the main defence point for Saigon numerous battles were fought throughout the war as the Viet Cong attempted to take hold of the area.

On no occasion whilst the US Forces were stationed at Bien Hoa did the area come under serious threat of been overrun

Long Binh -

Located just kilometres from Bien Hoa, Long Binh was an extension of the enormous Bien Hoa US Base Facility and was officially HQ to the USARV, Field Force II and the III ARVN Corps (shared with Bien Hoa). The base at Lonh Binh housed, hospitals, restaurants, RnR Facilities including Swimming Pools and Movie Theatres and was one of the first and last places in Vietnam that many US Service Personnel saw before landing or taking off to go home.

The prison at Long Binh, known as LBJ was the scene of a 1968 riot by US military Personnel held prisoner t

Long Binh was attacked by the Viet Cong, en-masse with attempts
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