***Bifurcated Star Hollandite Quartz Crystal***

***Star Hollandite***

~~ Bifurcated Quartz Crystal~~

((( 30 + Fantastic Stars )))


" Madagascar "

1-7/8" inches tall x 1" x 7/8" wide

24 Grams

This star hollandite crystal has a bifurcated termination which means the large primary crystal splits into two seperate points. This one is an unusual configuration seeing how one of the points ends with a sharp termination and the other is a wide ridged tabular style. The crystal features 30 + dynamite hollandite stars and has lightbrary companion crystals most of the way around with one extra large companion. The crystal is in good condition with a couple of tiny pinpoint pocks along the termination ridges and a few of the small side crystals are chipped but the large noticable majority are pristine and unbroken.

Star hollandite crystals come from the region around Ansirabe Madagascar, the only known location w they have ever been found. The crystals are mined from a sandy brittle loam and are very difficult to extract without chipping or in many cases major breakage. So a totally unbroken crystal is a rare exception to the rule and most do have chips and dings to some extent.

The crystals typically have a clear quartz interior with inclusions of black star or spider like hollandite with a secondary
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