BIG Antique 1920's Navajo Sterling Silver Rich Blue Kingman Turquoise Ring

Beautiful Antique 1920's Navajo Sterling Silver Rich Blue Kingman Turquoise Ring.. VERY RARE!!!
Ring Details : The ring is about a size 7.50-7.75, however can be easily sized by any jeweler. The stones is set securely into the bezel and is a Kingman turquoise from Kingman, Arizona. This turquoise is world famous for it's light and dark blue with black matrix mixed into the stone. The stone measures almost 1 inch by 1 inch. This stone in particular is one of the finest examples I've ever seen of Kingman turquoise. Rich darker blue's throughout the outer edges of the stone and lighter blue's towards the middle of the stone with lots of black matrix throughout the stone. This is highly unusual for Kingman turquoise and very beautiful! The bezel is classic early Navajo hand done silver smith work done with a fine eye to artistry and balance. There are hand carved lines bordering the longer side of the stone, and silver beads on the narrower side that graduate in size from tiny in the middle, to larger where they meat the thicker edge of the incised side. This leads the eye into a delightful since of movement unusual in a piece of jewelry of this type.
We were asked, how do we know the great age of this ring if it is in such good condition and not signed? Good question, as pretty much as a rule, these pieces of jewelry do
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