Big Antique Kaiser Toy Car in Rare Color! Needs Work!

Like to tinker with old toy wind-up cars?

Well, 's one that needs some attention.

This is a 19 49/50 Kaiser Deluxe convertible in a rare color .

It steers, has a shifter on the dash and another knob on the dash that pulls out.

I don't have a key, so can't determine if it still winds up.

The holes to mount the body on the chassis, when lined up at one end, are off by an eighth or quarter inch at the other because the plastic body has warped. The key hole lines up with the winder. But as is, the front wheels won't steer because they're hitting the body. Nor does the body want to easily sit down on the chassis. The screws that hold the body to the chassis are missing, and if the body is allowed to rise a little off the chassis the toy steers.

The other flaws are pretty obvious in the picture ... no windshield nor headlights (assuming it had more than holes t, the steering wheel is half missing, and one hubcap is missing. T is something pretty solid that looks like sticker-residue on the hood, and t's some soiling from years in an attic, etc.

I've seen one of these in just a little bit better condition sell for over $50, so somebody thinks these are neat. I'm told that a mint one in box is worth $300.

It's marked on the bottom, "Product of Toy Founders, Inc., Detroit,
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