BIG Antique OIL PAINTING Sunset FOREST LANDSCAPE Circa 1875 Cleaned & Restored

IMMEDIATE – PROFESSIONALLY PACKED – FULLY INSURED - SHIPPING Buyer pays actual cost of fully insured shipping, very safely packed. All Customs forms will state the actual selling price of items shipped internationally. I need to explain a couple things, so at least look at the text below the next image before you blow this off as just another ugly old painting. It isn’t . . . really . . .

It is unsigned, but I know who painted it – sorta.

A friend of mine was going to toss it because it was filthy. It had passed down to her from her mother, a well-know “personality.” Her mother was also a dear friend. She died last year. However, the painting was done by the grandmother of the “well-known personality,” whose name I will provide to the winner. Then again – if you want to email me through eBay’s “My Messages,” I’ll be happy to give you her name. It’s a “respect of privacy” thing.

Well that was certainly confusing, I’m sure. I’ll try to clear it up a little, but let’s look at the painting and record the dimensions first.

It is 34 ¼” by 21” and is on stretched canvas.

None of my images are working out for me today. I’ll just keep trying as we go.

That picture is very, very close.

OK – A lady painted this landscape sometime around 1870-1880, or maybe a decade earlier or a decade later.
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