Old Big Little Book Collection 35 Books

These books are up for sale again after being returned by the buyer for Dust mold spores on some of them. They are dusty from being in an attic for many years. She had allergies and could not deal with it. All books have been individually bagged and nicely packed.

Up for sale is a Vintage Collection of Childrens Books Big Little assortment found in an old house here in Rochester, NY. Some are worn, colored in, some are missing the edge bindings, warped but are still in collectable condition. 35 books. Simple Simon1934, Mother Goose 1934, Prarie Bill in the covered Wagon cover damage, Betty Boop 1935, The Lost Patrol1934 with worn cover Dirty, Buck Rogers 1934 Chewed on edge of book worn, Alice in Wonderland 1934 missing edge binding, Radio Patrol 1935 Warped Chew mark worn, Tale of Two Cities 1932 slightly warped, O'Saughnessy's Boy 1935 worn cover, Brick Bradford 1934 Missing edge binding, Secret Agent 1938 Small chew mark, Little Big Shot 1935, Ted Powers 1935 Warped, Shirley Temple Missing edge binding small chew mark, Little Women warped dent, Snow white and the seven dwarfs worn edges, The Lost City 1935 Worn Cover Warped damaged end, G-Men 1935 worn edge, Chandu the Magician Worn Cover warped damaged corners, Tiny Tim Dents and Dings 1935, David Copperfield 1934 damaged end binding dents and dings, West Point of the
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