Big Smoky Hand Made lot of 2 Old Pocket Knives bone hdl

These knives are both older collectible pocket knives, and both seem to be the same brand. The first newer knife is a Big Smoky hand made knife with 2 blades, one of which reads "Big Smoky Hand Made" when held up to the light across the blade. It has a metal oval emblem on the handle that reads "Big Smoky" and the handle appears to be made of bone. The blades are both about 2.5-2.75" long. the second older knife is missing the metal emblem on the handle but it is shaped the same, and the design is similar to the first one. It also appears to have a bone handle and it features 3 different blades that are too old and tarnished to distinguish any maker markings. Comes with one black canvas case.

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