Big Sur Jade Vulcan Green Nephrite Ocean Polished Scuba Cobble Stone Monterey CA

Awesome Big Sur Vulcan Jade Stone.

One side is Vulcan and the other is premium green.

Heart of a botryoidal Jade stone. Some slight bubble feature.

Makes a beautiful Suiseki viewing stone.

The terrace at Jade Cove has slowly lifted up out of the Pacific Ocean over about 10 million years. As the ocean floor expands, a large nephrite deposit has traveled along with this mountain building activity.

This ancient sea terrace is loaded with iron rich soil. Nephrite is the toughest stone (not the hardest) in the world. It is porous though and the iron will absorb and stain the Jade brown, red, yellow and orange.

Some of the iron stained jade falls out of the cliff and back into the great ocean tumbler. Wave action smooths out the rough edges over thousands of years.

This specimen almost stands up on flat end. Propped up with a Jade slab which is not included. I would recommend searching for a burl or base that props it up.

Weighs 555 grams or 1 pound 2.6 ounces.

Measures 134 x 86 x 33 mm.

All measurements are up to dimensions.

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