BIG Yellow Peanut M&M Guy Store Candy Display on Wheels

Hello and welcome to Orbrials!

we have a giant Peanut M&M display. He is from a big supermarket we have He stands around 42 inches tall. He is on wheels so you can take him anyw you go :)

He is in great shape with a few flaws. He has a few scratches on his face.

His mouth has an area of missing color. A couple minutes with a magic marker will hide that, but I can't do it because I am selling it. I can't hide anything. But you can easy once you get him.

His eyebrow had a crack but I superglued it.

His hand has a small crack but I think it came that way it doesn't look like any impact happened and it isn't loose.

Way down on the base, t are three cracks to the plastic w it bumped into things. I glued two of them up and one is just chipped away so no glue t

So pretty much our Peanut M&M part is fine except for a few scratches and scuffs and one eyebrow crack that I fixed. He has a few chips to the base of him down w you can't really see it unless you look

I took him apart to save on shipping. You save money that way. It's easy to reassemble. I took pictures of disassembly so when you get him you just look up the auction and you will see w the screws go. You can have him back together in 20 minutes or less. Its just three screws in the top and five in the
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