Bike Friday AIR GLIDE TITANIUM folding commuter MEDIUM

Bike Friday Air Glide w/ Titanium seatpost. Originally purchased for $3300 + and major overhaul ($1100) just completed 3 months ago.
Please see the YOUTUBE video of the exact bike that you are considering: /watch?v=JAiRt759Syk
Newly installed SRAM i-motion 9 speed internal hub, Chris King headset, Softride Suspension stem for those bumpy rides, Shimano 105 hollowtech (expensive cranks) & 105 derailler (just used for chain extension to allow folding the bike).
MEDIUM size but very adjustable and accommodated me (6'1"), and can take a 200 lb person easily.
Major overhaul completed by Bike Friday. This includes a new paint job (beautiful white), and inspection for any frame issues.
Below is the exact bike on video. See how nicely it folds without any issues and can roll very smoothly, just like the BF Tikit. This is a perfect solution for someone that wants a commuter, but doesn't have to sacrifice a smaller wheel base such as the BF tikit or Dahon bikes. This bike is superior in ride to the tikit, and you get the best folding commuting bike out there. Great combination, and i've yet to have seen anything quite as practical that rides like a dream. I hate to see it go, but I have to make room for another project.
Includes the Red Samsonite suitcase $150 value FREE
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