Bikini Wrestling From Judell DuLong's Amazon + 3 DVDS!!

This is a 70 picture photo set from Judell DuLong's Amazon. She ran a camp for female wrestlers and boxers from 1975 until 1985 near San Diego. A number of things made her operation unusual, but the most important factor was that all of the wrestling was real. The matches were not scripted or "worked". Falls could only be won by submission. The women were NOT actresses or models. There is no nudity. Choking, kicking, hitting, biting and hairpulling were not allowed. The photos are in color, and they are about 3.5 by 5 inches. They are on Kodak paper.

Those of you who have followed my auctions have probably noticed that I have alternated between matches involving Liz Meles and Cindy Brooks. First, the bad news: After this I will not have any more photo sets of either Liz Meles or Cindy Brooks. Now for the good news, in case you have not figured it out already: This match is between Cindy Brooks and Liz Meles! This was the first of three matches they had, but the other two were not photographed, just video taped. This match was released in the summer of 1980. Cindy is wearing the blue bikini, Liz is wearing the flesh-colored bikini. As many of you know by now, Judell always released a text with her photo sets. She did release a text with this match, and I once had it, but I don't have it, unfortunately. Liz was 5'7" and weighed
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