Bill Ballance Radio Show - KFWB Los Angeles 12/1/1962

Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)
Station: KFWB - Los Angeles, California
DJ: Bill BallanceDate of Broadcast: 1 December, 1962 RIR Release: #419 Length: 49 minutes (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios at Rock-it Radio
We constantly get asked for more KFWB airchecks, and we're delighted to offer three classic KFWB jocks from three different years on Rock-it Radio. Bill Ballance airchecks are highly sought after, and for good reason. You'll find yourself laughing out loud at Bill's timeless one-liners in this near one hour broadcast from December 1, 1962. Bill had an elustruous career in Radio in Southern California going back to the 50's and still doing late night radio until the late 80's. He was an extremely popular DJ with a very quick wit. is the playlist that you will hear along with the ads and DJ's on this digitally remastered recording of how Top 40 Radio used to be. 1. Ruby Ann-Marty Robbins 2. Time Check 3. D.J. jokes about dinner at Boss's house 4. Bill Ballance Show promo 5. Unannounced Tune-The Fontaine Sisters 6. Danny Thomas promo on fighting Leukemia 7. Time Check 8. Christmas Jingle 9. Limbo Rock-Chubby Checker 10.Time Check/Chubby Checker joke 11. Dayo-Stan Freberg 12. Jokes about secretary 13. Commercial-Pepsi 14. Promo for a local college play 15. Unannounced song 16. Sports
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