BILL & BINK (with drummer Dwight) - BED BUG BOOGIE / DO AND DON'T BLUES - 45 RPM SINGLE - HU-SE-CO #1358 - 1957?

An ultra-rare hillbilly rockabilly record from the mid-to-late 50's, quite possibly 1957, on the Hobert, Oklahoma record label HU-SE-CO. Hu-Se-Co released a few great rockabilly and country records in the 50's, and this is one of them. This is one of the best hillbilly records I've ever heard...straight out of the swamps of Oklahoma. A half-narrated in a THICK southern accent a-side, a humorous tale about a guy who just wants to go to bed, but instead spends the night fighting off beg bugs. The b-side is the better of the two...another great hillbilly rockabilly tune with a great rhythm, killer vocals, decent guitar work and another silly theme. The duo is Bill Smith and Bink Burns, and I believe this was their only record as a duo. It seems like it was intended to be a children's record, but who knows, maybe they were just two fun and crazy dudes. But man... was I pumped when I first placed this baby on the turntable. I've uploaded video clips on youtube of both sides of the record, you can veiw them below...

BED BUG BOOGIE: /watch?v=_YHVh1zCUiY

DO AND DON'T BLUES: /watch?v=kDf8VcrfRN0


Vinyl: VG (plays fine, though a-side has an area when the drums first kick
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