Bill Bruford was a member of Yes through the years 1968-1972 and whilst with the band recorded five albums each of which was more successful than the previous album. When Bill left Yes in 1972 following the release of the Close To The Edge album many people commented that he was mad! Joining King Crimson however was possibly the best musical move that Bill could have made and whilst a member of King Crimson Bill recorded three studio albums and one live album which was released just after King Crimson's enigmatic leader Robert Fripp decided to split the band and move onto other projects. For the next two years Bill played countless sessions and also was briefly a member of the bands National Health, Gong and more famously Genesis where he played alongside Phil Collins who had just stepped up to the microphone following the departure of Peter Gabriel. Bill was the drummer in the live Genesis situation and was with the band for the majority of 1976 while the band toured their album A Trick Of The Tail. Following his departure from Genesis Bill recorded the album Feels Good To Me, which was released in 1978 this album featured contributions from guitarist Allan Holdsworth, bassist Jeff Berlin, Keyboard player Dave Stewart and vocals from Annette Peacock. Following the release of this album Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth joined with ... read more