Bill Cosby's Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids Signed Original Animation Cel 1977 _4

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FAT ALBERT and the COSBY KIDS Filmation Studios 1977
Item :Signed AWESOME Original Animation Production Cel from the CLASSIC 1970s Animated TV Series ;FAT ALBERT and the COSBY KIDS
created by Bill Cosby and Lou Scheimer produced Filmation studios.
Hand Signed from the LOU SCHEIMER Collection ; the legendary Animator a nd Founder of FILMATION
THIS IS ACTUAL PRODUCTION ARTWORK, that appeared under the camera during the production process of the original 1970s Animated Television Series .
Size : 12 field 12.5 x 10.5
Condition : EXCELLENT
Circa 1977
Featuring : FA Characters
Cels come with a Laser Print Background
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Fat Albert, Mushmouth, Rudy, Bill and the Cosby kid gang are rehearsing their Christmas play in their junkyard clubhouse when suddenly Mr. Tyrone, who owned the junkyard as well as the whole east end of town, showed up and threatened to have the clubhouse
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