Bill Draut Double-Dare Adventures

Bill Draut Double-Dare Adventures #1: "Bee-Man" Origin Page 4 (Harvey Comics, 1966). Draut takes introductory page to a finer level by emulating the blocky face-and-figure style of Mike Sekowsky (of DC's Justice League). Bee-Man carries a stinger in his nose -- emits a withering sonic buzz -- and throws "honey grenades that put attackers to sleep instantly!" Here, too, Bee-Man one-ups Superman by building his own Fortress of Solitude: Or more accurately, a gigantic beehive. Even so late into the Silver Age of Comics, Draut is still using extra-large Golden Age page dimensions. (From an ambitious multiple-superhero project developed by funnybook trailblazer Joe Simon.) Ink over graphite on Bristol board. Image area, 12" x 13". Excellent condition.
HID03201242017 Grade: 0, Service: Uncertified, Service No.: 1380849, Issue Date: 1000, Denomination: MS