BILL RIPKEN 1989 Fleer CIRCLE Scribble SAW-CUT (AKA Semi-airbrushed) SSP RARE!!!

This is a THE Card for ANY Ripken FF Error hunter this is the one that probably has eluded you and I have NEVER seen one until now and I have been in the hobby Long before the ripken Error. This is the Super Scarce Ripken 1989 Fleer CIRCLE Scribble SAW-CUT (AKA Semi-airbrushed) and after talking with the creator of the website he said it is Ranked #1 on the Website for scarcity andf this site is dedicated to this error and everything/anything you would wan't to know about this card is there even an identical picture of this saw cut card is shown under versions-circle scribble. DO Not let this chance pass you by I have been selling on ebay for many years and been in the Hobby for over 30 years as soon as I looked at this card I knew it was special its ranked better than the White Scribble and those sell for over $500!! This card these days is a Ghost and who knows when or if another is coming along anytime soon? I went over this card with a magnified lens just to be sure everything checks out the surface is perfect and card has NOT been tampered with the gloss over the error is smooth as glass no pits bubbles or anything this is THE Real Deal! PLEASE Message me with ANY and ALL questions I am in NO RUSH to sell this card and would rather keep it then sell you something that does not meet your expectations. Any returns will be handled ... read more