Bill Younger's Harbour Lights * #1 * Boon Island ME

Welcome to this eBay auction. This is Bill Youngers "Oh my goodness, I'mmoving and I can't take my entire collection with me, what am I going to do?” sale. Bill has decided to sell a portion of his cherished lighthouse collection and donate his proceeds to Smile Train. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a super-special heirloom direct from Bill’s personal collection and support a great cause at the same time. Among the lighthouses Bill has chosen to part with are some of his treasured Number 1’s, Artist Proofs, Low Edition Numbers, Counter Samples and even a few Paint Masters (see detailed description below).

This auction is for… Boon Island ME
Flag number 1
Signed by Bill and Nancy
Condition: Good
Includes COA and blue Harbour Lights box

Description of pieces in Bill’s collection:
** Paint Masters (or Artist Originals) **
Upon completion of an original Harbour Lights sculpture, castings were made. Typically there were five castings made from each original sculpture. Two of the castings were used to design the paint scheme for the piece and the other three castings were used to make molds for production.
The two castings used to design the paint scheme were referred to as Paint Masters (or Artist Originals). These pieces typically don’t have any metalwork included (hand rails,
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