Billy Gay Doll Mint Policeman Totem International Blonde Top Cop Nightstick NEW!

We know that the word 'rare' is overused on eBay, but this really is a rare find. We were lucky enough to discover a cache of unopened, never displayed Billy Dolls, still in their original Totem shipper box. These are so new and minty fresh that they didn't even make it to the shelves in the store.

We wanted to share in our good fortune, so we're offering some of these dolls individually, this is the Blonde Billy Cop, in uniform - complete with hat and night stick. There's a Totem marketing shot of a brunette Cop Billy shown for just for reference (last image) so you can get an idea of how these dolls look out of the box.

This is the original Billy doll introduced in 1997, produced by Totem and out of production since 2001. We've checked the original plastic packaging and there's no yellowing of the lid or fading as Billy has been safely stored in the dark for all these years. The box itself would have been minty were it not for a crack in the base that's been repaired. But please keep in mind that these dolls are over 15 years old now so there might be the odd little dent to the box that we've missed, although we couldn't see any, and the elastic bands holding the feet in place may not still be intact after all this time.

But if you're looking for Brand New in Box - you couldn't get newer! Billy is in the original,
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