Billy Ray Cyrus Original 1991 Playbill Ashland KY Rare

This is a Rare and a Orginal Playbill in MINT CONDITION directly from the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland,Ky. on April 20, 1991.

Billy Ray Cyrus is from the Ashland area (Flatwoods, Ky)

The Paramount Arts Center is w he filmed his video for TV Acky Breaky Heart and signed his first contact with Mercury Records on stage at the Paramount. The video debuted February 28 1992 and the single hit the charts on April 4. 1992.

The Playbill is a large 19 " X 12"

It is absolutly in beautiful condition, no tears, fading or wrinkles.

This is so cool..Click the link: /watch?v=3EebObs-vC0 to see the orginal video filmed that night in Ashland, the Paramount Art Center that started it all.

If you have any questions please e-mail before you bid.

Thank you.